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Organ Festival Holland

December 2016

Preview to the most exciting organ festival of 2017

Program Organ Festival Holland Alkmaar

During the last few weeks of the year people are being immersed in musical and other cultural activities. And yet we do want to give you a sneak preview of what we are planning for the next Organ Festival Holland in Alkmaar, from 9 – 17 June 2017.


To start with there is a very special prologue: Bach and Handel visiting an eye-surgeon in 2017! Both of them were sound visionaries, but as they got older, their eyes were not in very good shape. What were they still able to see? The Royal Society Physica and the Ophthalmic Clinic of NorthWest Hospital Alkmaar/Den Helder will delve into the matter. It is hard to imagine a better preparation for the theme of Sound Visions.


For the opening concert on Saturday evening the 10th of June we look towards Hungary. The Concerto Armonico from Budapest, seven young musicians led by harpsichordist and baroque specialist Miklós Spányi, will treat us to the sparkling sounds of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, G.F. Handel and Giuseppe Sammartini. There can be no music more festive than this.

Concerto Armonico


Recently discovered work by Claudio Monteverdi and Girolamo Frescolbaldi will provide us with new vistas into the performance practice of ancient music. The musical ensemble Il Pegaso (the winged, godly horse ), founded in 2012 by the Italian Maurizio Croci, will show us how this up to now unknown, heavenly music, can sound. A perfect interval for a summery Sunday evening (11 June).

Il Pegaso


On Wednesday evening June 14

Pieter van Dijk and Frank van Wijk will light up the Sint Laurens Kerk in their own special way, with a veritable ‘Fire-works’ concert.

The next evening

is dedicated to musical imagination. First of all the performance of Jon Wirthner’s Le Carnival des Animaux. In a new and distinctive version, the well-known music of Camille Saint Saëns comes to life with colourful animations projected on a large screen. An absolute must for young music lovers with great expectations.

For those of us who can’t get to sleep yet as the evening light is slowly fading away, the film Nosferatu will be shown. This German horror movie , made in 1922 by film director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau, based on a story by Bram Stoker, is made all the more chilling by improvisations from ‘Satan’s whistling cabinet’ by Franz Danksagmüller.

The final concert on Saturday

the Grote Sint Laurenskerk will be transformed into a veritable cathedral, when Jacob Lekkerkerker presents his new composition ‘Cathedral Mobile’.


All these visionary events are being launched by a wave of activities of the International Schnitger Organ Competition and the International Organ Academy Alkmaar. The competition rounds, open to the public, the finals, the lectures and excursions, the jury concerts, the academy concert, all are going to make for nine dazzling festival days full of Sound Visions.

A surprise is in store for the participants of the competition: the festival is working on a substantial contribution towards lodging expenses. So do not hesitate and take a chance into the future!


Look for registration forms, costs and jury on:


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