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Organ Festival Holland

Datum June 2 2017


The banners are up!

With only one week to go

Organ Festival Holland 2017 can no longer be ignored

Under the professional guidance of Adri Steenhoek the first of the two banners was raised against the Grote Sint Laurenskerk in Alkmaar at 15.12 last Thursday. Half an hour later both were up, high and mighty, against the northern transept. With just a week to go Organ Festival Holland is more visible than ever.

At everything about this exceptional festival can be found.


Organ Festival Holland introduces the DOE-organ to Alkmaar

Sunday afternoon 11th June at the “Alkmaarder Hout” city park. From 14.00 – 15.00 and 15.30 – 16.30 hrs

Organ Festival Holland has added something very special to its programme: during De Hout Classis on Sunday afternoon June 11th, the DOE-organ is going to be put together, a special workshop for young and old.

Learning is a matter of doing. Children enjoy and learn the most when they can play with clay, paint, do carpentry, put things together and take them apart again. Being active while playing, like making music. But building an organ? When Lydia Vroegindewei set up the website, with the intention to make kids acquainted with the organ, she can’t have known how succesful her idea of the DOE-organ was going to be: a small organ that can be put together by young and old and which can be played! Retired organbuilder Wim Janssen invented the prototype and right now quite a few specimens of the DOE-organ are around, even in Belgium and in the USA.

And now also in Alkmaar, during Organ Festival Holland and at the first De Hout Classic 2017 in the park Alkmaarder Hout. Two workshops with the DOE-organ will be held there, a co-operation of Artiance and Cultuurpark De Hout with Organ Festival Holland. From 14.00 - 15.00 and from 15.30 - 16.30. Everyone is welcome, because what is better than to fiddle around with your son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, with keys, trackers, bellows, and real organpipes and finally, if it turns out well, to be able to play your favourite melody on an organ built by yourselves?

And maybe this will make you curious for the youth concert Le Carnaval des Animaux on Thursday 15 June at 19.30 in the Grote Sint Laurenskerk, with an enormous organ and a fascinating lightshow.

Want to know more? On the following websites you can find everything about the DOE-organ, the workshops and the youth concert:

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