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The prizes of the Organ Festival Holland

The Organ Festival Holland has four prizes and are awarded to the winning participants of the International Schnitger Organ Competitiont.


Schnitger prize (1st prize € 5.000)


The first prize of the competition has been named after the organbuilder Frans Caspar Schnitger (1693-1729), son of the legendary organbuilder Arp Schnitger. Between 1723-25, at the instigation of the newly appointed city-organist Gerhardus Havingha (1696-1753), Frans Caspar carried out the at the time very controversial renovation of the Van Hagerbeer-organ in Alkmaar. Behind the unaltered organ cases which had been designed by the architect Jacob van Campen, a type of instrument in North German style was erected which in those days was completetely new for the Low Countries. Schnitger thus established the breakthrough of this style in Dutch organbuilding. The organ in Alkmaar is the most perfectly preserved instrument built by him.

Flentrop prize (2nd prize € 2.500)

Cees van Oostenbrugge (1947-2008) took up a position as apprentice-organbuilder in 1969 at Flentrop Orgelbouw, Zaandam. In 1998 he succeeded J.A. Steketee as managing director of the company. During his long career as an organbuilder he was engaged in many major organ restorations or new construction projects, both at home and abroad, among which the restoration of both organs in the Grote Sint Laurens Church in Alkmaar. During his time as director of Flentrop Orgelbouw, the company adopted, at his instegation, the second prize of the International Schnitger Organ Competition, which since then is called the Flentrop Prize.

Johan Knibbe prize (3rd prize € 1.000)


Johan Knibbe (1954-2014) was a board-member of the International Schnitger Competition Foundation since 2012. Apart from his demanding job as communication advisor, he was involved in a number of institutions concerned with the organ and its music, among others in Amsterdam, Waterland and Alkmaar. Johan died of a serious illness on the 11th of June, 2014. In consultation with his family it has been decided to name the third prize of the International Schnitger Organ Competition after him.


Izaak Kingma prize (Audience-prize)

For many years Izaäk Kingma (1936-2004) was the secretary for both the organ-foundations in Alkmaar: the International Schnitger Organ Competition Foundation and the Foundation Friends of the Organ. Apart from his career in education he acted as organist for various churches in Alkmaar, such as the Trefpunt- and the Remonstrant churches. Because of his great merit for the promotion of the organs of Alkmaar, the International Schnitger Organ Competition Foundation decided in 2004 to link his name to the prize awarded by the public during the International Schnitger Organ Competition which takes place once every two years during Organfestival Holland in Alkmaar.



From left to right: Cees van Oostenbrugge, Izaäk and Riet Kingma and Francien van Oostenbrugge in the Grote Sint Laurenskerk in Alkmaar during the Organ Festival Holland (June 27, 2003; photograph Leen Spaans)

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