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This site uses cookies to enhance performance and useability.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a simple small file which is sent along with pages of this website and then will be stored by your browser on the harddisk or in the memory of your device. The information stored in a cookie may be used again by the webserver in future sessions. The website may use the data of your last visit again.

Why cookies?

This website uses cookies for the following 2 reasons:

1 Analytic purposes: cookies will be stored through Google Analytics to gather information about the visits of users and how they use the website. This information will bij anonimised as much as possible. The information will be stored on Google servers in the United States. Google commits to the Safe Harbor principles and is affiliated with the Safe Harbor-programm of the US department of Trade. This means that there is adequate protection to process possible personal data.
2. Functional purposes: facilitate navigation and login on the website. For example: cookies can help to remember your emailaddress to ease the login process or to remember the chosen products in your online shopping cart.

Right to access and correct or delete your data

It is not possible to change or delete the information collected by Google, Facebook or Twitter. Also, the retrieval of the individual user over a recorded information is limited to the reports made available by those companies.

Important to know / Privacy

The use of our cookies are safe and can not harm your computer. Cookies may store data such as email address or phone number. However, this information will not be used for commercial purposes undesirable.

Allow cookies or delete cookies

If you reject cookies, you can not always use all the features of the site (think online shopping).
Of course you can delete the cookies at any time. This can be done via the menu of your browser. It may be that you need to specify again your data and preferences when you visit our website.


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